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Thinking about leaving Homosexuality? 2

Tonight I was reading about the American Family Association which had organized a boycott against Ford Motor Company for donating money to gay organizations. Today they lifted their boycott after 2 years, while Ford had apparently agreed to end most of its support for gay organizations. More than 780,000 people signing the petition to boycott Ford, and AFA has more than 3.8 million supporters. Read about the story here.

After browsing around this right-wing Conservative Christian group’s website, I came across some interesting articles. There’s a whole section on the website dedicated to the “Homosexual Agenda”, and I came across a linked article on “Exodus International” that provides help to people who want to “leave Homosexuality”. I found this article to be comical, almost as if it was written by a Saturday Night Live writer. The article even has a hyperlink on the word “gay” and when you hover over it, it describes what “gay” means. The one word description simply says “homosexual”.

I have pasted said article below, or you can view it online.

Thinking of Leaving Homosexuality?

Are you struggling with unwanted same-sex attractions? Maybe you have lived as a homosexual for a long time, but now are looking for a way out. You have come to the right place! For thirty years, Exodus International has offered hope and help to people seeking freedom from homosexuality. We believe and we have seen in thousands of lives that this freedom is possible through the power of God working in our hearts and minds.

The bottom line – you don’t have to be gay! You can lead a life of fulfillment and holiness as God intended, a life far better than what you have experienced so far.

The journey to wholeness isn’t an easy one, but we will be with you through the process. Our international network of Christian ministries, therapists and churches are devoted to providing the love and care you need as you pursue God, holiness, and healing.

First Steps
A journey always starts with a single step. Here are a few first steps we recommend:

  • Contact a local Exodus member. These are ministers, counselors, and churches in your area who really do understand where you’re coming from. They are your first point of contact and help in your struggle. Find help…
  • Find a good supportive church. You will need help along the way from Christians who know about your struggle and can support you in it. If you aren’t in a church like this, our Exodus Church Network is a great place to start!
  • Sign up for the Exodus newsletter, email list, or information packet.
  • Find information and insight at the Exodus Bookstore. Some good books to start with:
    • Desires in Conflict by Joe Dallas (for men)
    • Restoring Sexual Identity by Anne Paulk (for women)
    • You Don’t Have to be Gay by Jeff Conrad

I especially like the part about finding a church with Christians who know about your struggle and can support you in it. If I were a homosexual, I think an American Church would be the last place I would go if I was looking for supportive people. “Hi, my name is Jim, I’m a homosexual”.

“Click click, pop, pop, thump”

2 thoughts on “Thinking about leaving Homosexuality?

  1. Jim Mar 15,2008 2:09 am

    Lol, I must say that this is the first sigh I’ve ever received. Care to explain your sigh Miss Cranky??

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