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Sarah Palin: History 101

Sarah Palin’s interview with CBS’s Katie Couric yesterday clearly demonstrates her lack of understanding of world issues. McCain has been hiding Palin from the media since her acceptance of the GOP VP spot last month. Palin has likely been locked up in a hotel room studying history and current world issues and practising answering media interview questions.

In inviting Palin as his running-mate, I think McCain made a tragic blunder that will likely ultimately cost him the Presidency. Palin clearly knew very little about world issues before accepting the position, and you can only learn so much in a mere 3 months.

When asked by Couric how Alaska’s proximity to Russia and Canada somehow gives her Foreign Policy experience, she adamantly defended this claim on the basis that “as Putin rears his head and enters the airspace of the United States”, they are in Alaska, as well as Alaska having trade relations with Russia. I still don’t see how that translates into foreign policy experience but anyone with half a brain would know that she’s trying to up-sell herself. Can you blame her?

When asked about her comment that she would “never second guess Israel” if Israel attacked Iran, she stumbled then resorted to FOX News tactics by saying that Iran is obviously the bad one between the two because Iran wants Israel “wiped off the face of the earth”. She also used the phrase “war on terror” several times, and when talking about spreading democracy, she said: “specifically, we will make every effort possible to help spread democracy for those who desire freedom, independence, tolerance, respect for equality. That is the whole goal here in fighting terrorism also. It’s not just to keep the people safe, but to be able to usher in democratic values and ideals around the world”.

It’s really unfortunate for the Grand Old Party that they made such a bad gamble on Palin. But in Palin’s defence, she obviously didn’t have time to keep up on world issues while raising 5 kids and she claims that when younger she had always worked 2 jobs. Even as late as a few weeks before McCain picked her as his running mate, she thought it unfathomable that she would actually win the spot.

Now she’s in information overdrive as she tries to catch up with her rival candidates, but it’s just too little too late.

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