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Urban Motor Home 4

The Urban Motor Home challenges the conventional SUV to a duel

UrbanMotorHome1 Life in the city is easy without an automobile; it’s healthy and refreshing to commute to work by foot, and I can travel most places I need to on a daily basis fuelled on peanut butter and jelly. There are however special occasions when having a car can be both convenient and advantageous.

Meet my Urban Motor Home: This 1998 Acura 1.6 litre has very low emissions and fuel efficiency comparable to a typical hybrid vehicle. It took a fair amount of time to pack everything aboard for this year’s first Algonquin Park camping trip, but I was finally able to strap on our 2 bicycles and kayak successfully without compromising one another. Although the weather isn’t as favourable as I’d hoped (high of 8 degrees Celsius on Sunday), we’re still planning to make the most out of this trip and welcome the summer in style.


Who needs an SUV when you can squeeze everything you need to into a low-emission compact automobile? Making the most out of small spaces makes life more interesting and you learn to appreciate things more when you have less.

4 thoughts on “Urban Motor Home

  1. Crankyputz May 15,2009 2:06 pm

    That is a lot of stuff on one car….

  2. James D. Schwartz May 15,2009 2:17 pm

    Cranky, everything is relative. Check out how much you can fit on a single motorcycle (You probably saw a lot of that in India too):

  3. James D. Schwartz May 15,2009 10:56 pm

    Cancelled the camping trip. They’re calling for rain all day tomorrow and scattered flurries (snow) on Sunday..

  4. Topher E May 16,2009 12:30 am

    Consider that some backpackers manage to carry everything they need for a week or two (except water) on their backs. We surely should be able to fit what we need in a car.

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