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Grocery Shopping Like a Champ

Planet Forward

Today, Saturday October 24th is the first annual “International Day of Climate Action”, organized by, an activist organization with the goal of cutting atmospheric carbon dioxide emissions to below 350 ppm (the current level is 389 ppm of CO2). There are more than 3000 events happening around the world in 160 countries.

In recognition of International Day of Climate Action, I would like to share a product that has proved incredibly convenient for grocery shopping since I purchased it earlier this year.

In the photo above you can see the basket I bring with me when I do my grocery shopping. The “Basket On-The-Go” is produced by and can hold just under 50 lbs of groceries.

It’s great for those heavy canned items that can put wear on your typical reusable shopping bag and provides a soft grip handle for comfort. It can help you transport your groceries from the store to your home, or you can use it while you are walking the aisles in the store.

The Planet Forward basket on-the-go folds up and weighs a mere 2 ounces.

Planet Forward

Planet Forward provides “Sustainable Essentials for the Urban Environmentalists” and encourages its customers to think outside the (recycling) box and to use products that don’t generate waste.

With thousands of “green” products on the market, consumers should be aware of “greenwashing”. The Urban Country is committed to promoting products that can help us live more sustainable lifestyles.

The Planet Forward shopping basket can help reduce the amount of waste we generate while at the same time providing convenience in transporting our groceries. The Basket On-The-Go costs $24.99USD and can be purchased online on the Planet Forward website. They also offer an array of other sustainable products.

James D. Schwartz is the editor of The Urban Country and appears on most Sundays and Thursdays, and sometimes in between. View all of James’ articles here.

Note: The Urban Country is not affiliated in any way with Planet Forward and is not being compensated for promoting its products.

All Photos by James D. Schwartz / The Urban Country

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