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Traveling Water Bottles


Packing for travel is an art: you don’t want to forget anything, but at the same time you don’t want to take hours to do it.

Over the past 3.5 years of working for a consulting firm, I have periodically traveled to client sites, attending conferences and for training. As a result, I have become very proficient in packing as I found out Thursday evening while packing last-minute for a vacation I’m taking in Texas this weekend.

My brother, sister and I flew down to Dallas to meet my father (who lives in Wisconsin) to celebrate his 60th birthday and attend a Dallas Cowboys football game (my Dad is a long-time Cowboys fan but has never seen them play in Dallas).

One of the first items I pack while traveling is a stainless steel water bottle (coincidentally, I had one stolen from me earlier this week while attending a work meeting).

While traveling, most people resort to drinking bottled water, but this is completely unnecessary in most situations. Only in extreme circumstances will I purchase a bottle of water and I would estimate that I consume no more than 5 plastic bottles of water each year.

Bringing a stainless steel bottled water with you allows you to refill it at the hotel by either using tap water, or by filling up at the hotel-provided filtration systems (most exercise rooms have said device).

I don’t leave home without mine and it has proven to be extremely convenient every time.

We can all do little things to reduce the amount of waste we generate and plastic water bottles are an easy target and can be cut out of our lives very easily. A travel bottle can help keep yourself hydrated while traveling and can help to reduce your footprint.

Next time you travel, remember to pack some extra undergarments and a reusable bottle of water for good measure.

James D. Schwartz is the editor of The Urban Country and appears on most Sundays and Thursdays, and sometimes in between. View all of James’ articles here.

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