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Defecating Room? 5

Anytime I travel to the US of A, I always receive strange looks when I ask where the “Bathroom” is, or where the “Washroom” is. Down there they know it as the “Restroom”. Come to think of it, none of these names really make sense.

Bathroom implies that there is a bath in the room which is never the case in a public washroom. Washroom implies that the purpose of the facility is to “wash”. Although washing is one function of this room, it’s not its primary function.

Restroom is probably the most ludicrous name out of the 3. Who goes to the washroom to rest? The only time I come close to resting is when I’m taking a number two; but even then I can’t possibly enjoy any sort of R&R because I want to get the hell out of there as quickly as possible because of the smell and the general unsanitary condition of some public washrooms.

After an exhaustive (30 second) search for a better name for washroom, I’ve settled on “The Shaking hands with the wife’s best friend” room. This keeps the Urban Country in line with the “Elevator Ride” post from back in February and “Defecating Room” is just a little too raunchy.


(Photo compliments of Novel TP)

PS: This is the Urban Country’s 500th article.

  • Tomass

    I like ‘the pisser’ the best :P

  • sis

    When I was in the states last weekend, I had to repeat myself every single time I asked where the washroom was…annoying.

  • george

    wow! congratulations on a most auspicious 500th posting!!! and what better subject matter could there be for your political/idealogical blog than one about the john? i like “defecating room” as well, although, “the pisser” comes in a close second, because i find (personaly) that it’s far easier to hold #2 than #1. happy five hundredth, buddy!!!
    - g

  • Crankyputz

    Congrats on the 500th post, I still need to know about these $5 Chinese Trips to Niagara,

  • Daily Planet

    500 posts wow. maybe you should write a book. Urban Country style