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Golf carts and speeding ticket 2

Golfing yesterday was a lot of fun. Driving golf carts while drinking is one of the only places where drinking and driving is legal in Canada. We were golfing on a really nice course and my golf cart seemed to go twice as fast as everyone elses, so I would drive down a hill extremely fast, then slam on my brakes on the grass and turn the wheel to do a 180 degree turn. It was pretty hilarious, especially after a couple beers. One time we even took the cart through the sand trap. This is very bad golf etiquette, and frowned upon by most; but indeed funny at the time. The other highlight of the day was when our buddies drove the ball pretty close to us on the last hole, so 2 of us tee’d up off the fairway from 250 Yards from the tee and drove it right back at them.

On a separate note, I received a speeding ticket on my motorcycle 2 nights ago on my way home from a late hockey game. First of all, why are the cops giving out speeding tickets at 3:30 in the morning. The speed limit was 60 and there was nobody on the road at all, so I don’t see the harm in riding 85KM/Hour in a 60 zone. I guess the cops are bored at that time of the night. I told the officer that it was late, I was tired, and I just wanted to get home to bed. He said he “appreciates my honesty”. But he still wrote a ticket anyway.

I guess I was due for a speeding ticket. I haven’t had one since 1997.

2 thoughts on “Golf carts and speeding ticket

  1. iBrett Sep 9,2005 11:55 pm

    I suggest not coming to Alberta. While I lived in Ontario, I had a perfect driving record except for one parking infraction. I moved to Alberta and I got three speeding tickets, one traffic violation, and two parking tickets in the first 6 months. My record has improved since then, but it helps that I no longer own a car. 🙂

  2. Anonymous Oct 10,2005 6:11 pm

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