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Job update 1

The new job is going really well so far. I’ve already talked about the company and how it’s laid back and fun to work here, but now that I’ve worked here for over a month, I can talk about the work I’m doing and how I’m enjoying it so far.

In my new position I have 4 words to describe how my new job is significantly different. In my new position I feel focused, productive, useful and passionate. I feel that these are things I lacked before and were part of the reason I decided to try something new.

I have been given very interesting challenges and I feel I’ve been able to focus on the challenges with a lot less distractions. It’s a lot different than being inundated with a hundred trivial questions with a couple difficult questions. The thing about consulting is that you typically get called in to solve more difficult challenges and you can dedicate your time to work on solving it. I feel like in an 8 hour day, I can get around 7 hours of productive work done. At my old job, I felt that in an average 8 hour day, I would get 30-45 minutes of productive work done with actual productive work having to be done in the evening.

I also feel that I am becoming a sort of go-to guy for Sharepoint issues and it feels good to get thrown into the fire at a client site and resolve their problem promptly. I get to meet all sorts of different people from different types of companies and it’s interesting to get to see how each company operates. I also get to see a wide array of interesting technical configurations at each company.

So overall, it’s going really well and I hope to do a really good job here. Consider this entry the final chapter to the book entitled “Jim’s career change”. This website isn’t supposed to be a journal for me; I just wanted to wrap up this topic.

One comment on “Job update

  1. iBrett Jun 19,2006 4:16 am

    Thanks for the update, Jim. I’m glad to see things are going as you hoped.

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