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Hand Dryers: The Straight Dope 2

Over the last 3 years of the Urban Country’s existence, I have often pondered whether hand dryers are better for the environment than paper towels for drying your hands in the bathroom.

Well leave it to the smartest man in the world Cecil Adams from the Straight Dope to confirm this theory or to provide evidence to the contrary.

Cecil has done his own objective investigation and found that although there are various types of hand dryers and various methods of recycling paper towels, he has concluded that in general hot-air dryers use approximately 5-percent less energy than paper towels and about 20-percent less over 5 years. He also notes that if high-efficiency dryers really provided acceptable drying in ten seconds, then they’d use 80 percent less energy.

This energy savings doesn’t even account for the other environmental benefits of not using paper towels such as saving trees, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, reducing acid rain, and reducing solid waste.

See Cecil’s entire analysis.

2 thoughts on “Hand Dryers: The Straight Dope

  1. george Aug 21,2007 3:54 pm

    you know what – this is a very intriguing notion! but jimmie-jim-jim, why stop at air-hand-dryers!? if we are going to maximize the energy efficiency of our toilet-time, then we should do away with the largest source of paper-waste- toilet paper!!! think of the environmental impact of having say – bidets and hot-air-ass-dryers or something in every bathroom!!! in fact, i’m gonna start designing such a contraption right now!!!
    sorry – good post. i personally prefer the paper towels 😉
    – g

  2. Rosie Aug 21,2007 5:22 pm

    They have these awesome hand dryers in England. I forget the name of them, but they are SO powerful that you can watch your skin ripple as the heat blasts away at you!!

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