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Phil Hansen’s Art 1

Today I came across the extremely talented artist Phil Hansen on I think Phil’s technique is unique and fascinating, but I’ll let you judge for yourself. Hanson uses the technique of Pointillism to create a larger image of smaller images of different shades or colours. His art skills also include being a performer, as he takes videos while creating his art and distributes it on the Internet so you can watch how he created his art in a short 1-2 minute video.

In May 2007, Phil took a week off his day job as an X-Ray technician and posted his cell phone number on the Internet and asked people to call him to tell him something that changed their life. He then wrote all of these “moments of change” on a circular board that resulted in a picture of himself with four hands touching his face. Check out the YouTube video to watch Phil create “A Moment”.

Other works of Phil’s include a Jimi Hendrix portrait made out of 3-coloured matches only to light it up after it was completed. Another interesting piece is when Phil stuck 6000 bandages on a backdrop and drew a painting of Kim Jong Il using 500ml of his own blood.

In 2004, Phil drew portraits of the 48 murder victims of the “Green River Killer”, photocopied them 12,000 times, then he cut them out individually and pasted them to create a picture of the Green River Killer himself, Gary Ridgeway. Hansen’s portrait of Mother Theresa was made out of dandelions.

In April 2005, Hansen made a portrait of George W. Bush by writing the names of each of the names of the 1700 who had been killed at that point. In 2006 he took printed verses from the Bible to create a portrait of the Ku Klux Klan.

One of my favourite pieces is when he created a portrait of Bruce Lee. He used his hands to paint the picture by doing karate chops on the art board. Very cool. Watch Hansen create the Bruce Lee video here:

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