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$29 happiness 1

Working in Calgary has been a huge shift in my lifestyle. I’m only here every other week, but when I’m here I am leaving behind everything that enables me to stay healthy (aside from my running shoes):

  • The 16-foot sea kayak I bought a few weeks ago has been hanging in my living room since I bought it
  • My bike is locked up in my locker in Toronto
  • I’ve only made it to one of my hockey games so far this summer
  • My roller blades are collecting dust at home
  • My ability to walk to work has been compromised in this “Car-is-King” city of Calgary

But today the tides have changed. I went on Craigslist and found a used bike for sale. The ad states the bike is a perfect size for anyone 4 feet tall to 5 foot 4. In the picture the bike looked fine to me, and the price was incomparable. So I went to check out the bike and took it out for a test ride. It was a bit small on me, but nothing I couldn’t handle, so I gave the nice gentleman his $29 for the bike and took it home. I booted around the city tonight and the bike is going to be the perfect way for me to stay in shape, commute to work, and explore Calgary.

It really doesn’t take much to please me. This bike made my day. There is nothing more depressing than sitting down at a computer for 9 hours all day only to go out for a fatty Alberta beef dinner and beers, and then back to the hotel to sit down all night on my computer again. This goes against so many things that bring joy to me, such as being outside, exercising and exploring. This simple bike has brought that joy back to me, and this weekend I am going to take out my kayak, rain or shine.

One comment on “$29 happiness

  1. Crankyputz May 28,2008 7:44 pm

    Nice bike, im sure you will find ways to stay fit!

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