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2010: Year In Review 6

Winter Bicycling

Photo “Heels and Wind Chill –16” courtesy of Mikael Colville-Andersen 

To close out 2010, I carried on the annual tradition of compiling a video from the various footage I took on my camera throughout the year. To stay on topic for The Urban Country, this year’s video is less personal/sentimental and more related to bicycling (sorry friends and family).

2010 saw the transformation of this website to become exclusively focused on bicycling with a clearly stated mission and values.

The number of visitors on The Urban Country has increased by 75.7% over 2009 – page views are up by 94.5%, and average number of page views has increased by 10.7%.

Here are the 10 most viewed articles on The Urban Country in 2010:

    1. Living in a Dutch Fantasy Land (Dec 2010)

    2. Barriers to Cycling: Debunking the Myths (Nov 2009)

    3. Bike Helmets Not Warranted (Sept 2010)

    4. Cyclists Paving the Way for Ungrateful Drivers (Oct 2009)

    5. Hating Cyclists on Facebook (Jan 2010)

    6. Bicycling in the Winter (Nov 2010)

    7. Don Cherry Rips “Pinko” Bicyclists (Dec 2010)

    8. Dutch Cycle Chic – Toronto Style (Dec 2010)

    9. Doctor Busted on a Bike (Nov 2010)

    10. Wear a Helmet and Get a Cycling Utopia (June 2010)

The 2010 video features footage from the G20 Summit in Toronto, my trip to China last May, Algonquin Park camping, New York City, and Vancouver BC (among other footage).

2010 Year in Review from James Schwartz on Vimeo.

Thanks to all of my readers who have made all of the effort I put into the website very worthwhile!

Happy New Year Everyone!

James D. Schwartz is the editor of The Urban Country. You can contact James at

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6 thoughts on “2010: Year In Review

  1. cecily Dec 31,2010 8:46 pm

    Nicely done. Looks like you had quite the year.

  2. Paul Martin Dec 31,2010 9:09 pm

    Well done, James. Thank you for your site and hard work.

    Have a great 2011. I’m hopeful that the bicycle is going to become stronger and stronger over the coming years.


  3. Amy Jan 2,2011 5:06 am

    Great stuff! What a great year. Looking forward to more bicycle adventures in 2011.

  4. James D. Schwartz Jan 3,2011 3:30 am

    Thanks Everyone! 2011 is going to be a tough year. I think we will see a more vocal opposition from motorists in North America and Australia, but our voice will continue to become stronger, so I’m optimistic that progress will be made.

  5. boyan Jan 3,2011 3:46 am

    Good stuff Jim! Can’t wait to read more in the coming year!

  6. Cycling For Beginners Jan 3,2011 3:47 am

    Nice job, James! I hope 2011 brings better things for all cyclists!


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